Hey there! I’m Gion and I’m obsessed with Web Technologies. I eat HTML, breath CSS and I’m dreaming in JavaScript when I sleep (I don’t sleep so lot because I can’t stop coding).

I was born in 1985 and my first human computer interactions took place with the original Macintosh my father bought back in the days. I loved to play games on this thingy! DejaVu,  Shufflepuck Cafe or Prince of Persia to name just a few. The idea of using interfaces to interact with a computer was seeded into my brain and caused my first digital Mind Shift. I remember the external hard disk we had for this piece of history. It had the size of a briefcase, a connection cable with the size of a water pipe and when turned on this beast sounded like a defect washing machine. The Hard Disk 20. Yes, 20 MB… And back then this was plenty of space!

First Macintosh from 1984

First Macintosh from 1984

Later on I had my own Intel 80386 or just 386 how we called it. This was the time I really started to get creative on the computer. Luckily my math teacher and a friend of my father supported me to learn QBasic which was an easy to learn programming language that enabled me to program graphical interfaces. With a 300 pages GW-BASIC book of my fathers friend a 13 year old boy started his journey to develop his own video game. SCREEN 13 mode with 256 colors, GET’n’PUT those sprites onto the screen with spaghetti code is what I’m talking about.


  CIRCLE (4, 3), 4, 4
  PAINT (4, 3), 12, 4

  // Set aside enough space to hold the sprite
  DIM Ball%(37)

  // Get the sprite into the Ball% array
  GET (0, 0)-(8, 7), Ball%

  // Put this ball onto the screen
  PUT (X, Y), Ball%

It was back in 1999 when I started to realize the power of the web and I switched my Basic GET / PUT addiction with something much more powerful. With HTML and Javascript my second digital Mind Shift occurred, while I must admit, only for a short period. Limited with CSS1 styling mainly on style attributes I felt creatively limited very quickly but luckily Macromedia Flash came to the rescue. Macromedia Flash 4 quickly became my most powerful tool to unleash my creativity and was actually a bigger Mind Shift as the standard web one.

Today I like to look back and try to imagine where I would be without all those Mind Shifts. I think every Mind Shift you go through is important and you should never ever hold back to go though one when you have the chance.

That’s why I created Mind the Shift, and I’ll try to post about my experience as often as possible (even if you don’t like it).

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